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Current Programing

Safety In and Around Vehicles

  • Car Seat Check Up Sites - certified child passenger safety technicians help parents install their car seats - or even double check their work
  • Car Seat Distribution Program - child safety seats are available at low cost to at risk families
  • Child Passenger Safety Technician Training - a local training for community members to become certified child passenger safety specialists
  • CountDown2Drive - parent and/or teen community and school based programs designed to bring parents and teens together to talk about the key safety issues teens (13-15 year olds) will face while riding in cars
  • Automotive Safety Cub Scout Patch Program - Cub Scouts take part in a hands-on program at a Chevy dealership to learn tips for safety in and around vehicles

Cribs for Kids

  • Community Awareness - partner with Cribs for Kids for dissemination of information on SIDS and safe infant sleep practices to community agencies and the public
  • Community Trainings - implement workshops for preschool directors and staff on safe sleep practices
  • Crib Distribution - helps at risk pregnant women in their third trimester and women who have recently delivered to obtain cribs

Home Safety

  • Resource Kit - kits to teach home hazard prevention including falls, choking, poisoning, and/or fire safety
  • Home Assessment Tools - provide and analyze home assessment tools from member agencies who conduct home visits in the community
  • Home Safety Equipment Distribution - provide safety equipment (gates, furniture guards, door/cupboard latches, electric outlet covers) to community agencies in response to needs from assessments

Pedestrian Safety

  • International Walk to School Day - partner with local school districts to educate students about safe walking strategies to and from school
  • Halloween Safety - partner with local police departments to promote wearing retro reflective material while out at night

Sports and Recreation Safety

  • Parent/Coach Tip Card - tip cards on concussion management are provided to coaches and parents of children 6-14 years of age
  • Workshops/events - educate coaches, parents and youth about hydration, over use injury and concussion management

Wheeled and Bike Safety

  • Safe Kids Ready to Roll - demonstrate proper riding skills through derbies and educational programs
  • Community helmet distribution

Get a free car seat or booster seat "check-up."

Nationally certified child passenger safety specialists are waiting to help install your seat or even double check your work.

Call: 1-888-232-7233

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